About Us

Afarek, as a web design company has skilled web designers, writers and SEO experts who work hard to make your website the best in your niche.

We are based in Sousse, Khezema West, we design incredible websites for clients from different continents. But now we are in Tunisia to let small businesses and bloggers have their own sites without having to pay a fortune for it.

Our mission

We don’t believe that things like web design and SEO should be learned from an institute or university. In reality, website design, especially SEO, has nothing to do with theoretical courses. In fact, it all starts with basics, and then we need many years of experience, testing, and hard work to find the work and what are the best areas we should focus on.

This is what we do as a web design company in Tunisia. We have carefully built well-coded websites for businesses, organizations, doctors, real estate agencies, accountants, hotels, restaurants, cafe and more.

Our approach is based on understanding the needs of the business and what the customer wants from their website or blog. Next, we identify the most important factors to focus on the layout, navigation, and structure of the website.

Then we spend long hours adjusting things to find the layout, the color scheme and the information the website needs. In reality, there is no single model that works for all websites. Each website has its own structure and strategy and requires a lot of work.

Let’s discuss your project

To learn more about our services and what makes us better, you can visit us or call us for more details. Let us know what you need on a website and we’ll walk you through the steps to show you what should work best for you and your business.

Call us at 29 111 069 or send us your email to contact@afarek.com, and if you need more, read our contact page for more details