Web design, SEO,  and web consulting services.

Stop wasting time with useless tools and options that never work, Afarek is a website design firm that will make your website powerful, super-fast, clean easy to use and rank well in Google without spending a fortune on that, we offer affordable but premium quality services.

We think Quality First

Hiring someone on a freelance marketplace to build a website or do SEO can be super cheap, but what about quality? Are you going to spend a few dollars and get nothing as quality in the end? and even worst, get your site penalized by Google the next week or month?

Afarek is a professional web design company that offers premium Search Engine Optimization solutions that uses the latest technologies and follows the Google guidelines one by one to ensure you have a gorgeous responsive website design, a solid site structure and a site that’s secure, loads fast and wins the Google ranking competition without risks.

We treat our customers’ websites like ours, and so, we spend lots of time optimizing their navigation, layout, colors and carefully study the user experience to make your site powerful and drive lots of organic traffic.

Modern designs

We’ll carefully study your site structure and layout, then, suggest the best design based on your industry and needs.

Increase your traffic

Afarek optimizes your site for SEO, user experience and speed, and that’s without neglecting the impact of user experience and navigation.

Content creation

Creating professional content for your website need passion, effort and time, so, if you don’t want to waste the time, we can create your website content and we offer the best article writing services.

Managing your site

You don’t have to ask us everything you want to add as text or things to the site, we’ll add a CMS like WordPress, so, you have control over the content. However, we’re always available to assist and help you.

Manual SEO audit

We don’t rely on SEO auditing tools, instead, we manually check your site for SEO and make sure that everything works well and follows the latest Google guidelines and recommendations.

Real security

Building your WordPress or other CMS site take time and effort, and we go deeper into security and server protection. So, we offer a full range of protection features against malware and virus for your site and even anti-DDoS protection.

The right SEO services

Want to grow your website traffic naturally? So,  as a small business SEO company, we have the best affordable SEO services to bring more customers and make your web pages rank higher in Google. It’s only a matter of page-level content, but also a job of site structure, speed, security, and of course on-page and off-page optimization.

We offer different SEO packages and we have clients from California and different US states who already increased her site traffic by 400% in the first 4 months and more later. W focus on long term SEO strategies that bring good results without any risk for your business.

eCommerce website design

Afarek as a website creation company builds powerful and fully optimized eCommerce websites for business owners and those who look for security, quality, and good prices. We offer different packages for building online store sites on WordPress Woocommerce or others like Prastahop or Magnetor.

We’ll pick a good web page design or template selection to choose from based on your needs. Then, we’ll optimize your e-commerce site for SEO at no extra cost.

Local SEO

Want your online sore site to rank higher in Google and papers on Maps when people are nearby and looking for your service or products? Then, you have no choice other than optimizing your site and business presence for local search. Google and Bing offer tools for that, but also, we are a web site design agency that knows how to optimize your page for local search.

eCommerce site management

Unlike other web design companies, we don’t let you lose control over design elements and site layout and features. So, you can manage your online store like adding or removing products or services and also editing images, etc… without breaking the site. In addition, if you know nothing about that, we offer complete online store management services and that way, you can focus on managing your business and let our professional eCommerce experts do the hard job for your company and manage the site.


Grow your online business with us

Afarek is one of the trusted companies that offer long term SEO consulting and optimization that drives real human traffic to your site without wasting your money. We can help anytime you want, just send us your email and explain the issue and we’ll be happy to assist and help.

Also, we offer site problems fixing and consulting if you have any with other web design companies. We helped lots of business owners in getting up to 700% more calls and leads in just a few months, and you can get good results with us and cut the cost of maintaining your website.

"Afarak helped us become the first online clothing store in our big city and we decided to be with them for a long term SEO.."

– Patrick C. Sylva: Atlanta, GA, USA

"I worked with Afarek to increase organic traffic to my corporate website and I was surprised by the results of the next 4 months. The site traffic has started to increase slightly by 20% on average and we are now at 350%, and this is what I have never seen or expected of a company based in Tunisia. Thank you very much, Fathi.."

– Christopher J. Manna: STAVERN, Norway

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